real time network simulation & analysis for vehicle multiplex networks
Netway Software Download

Full one year of Technical Support Eligibility is provided with each Netway tool purchase.
Purchase date, serial number, available networks modules, premium options configuration, etc. of the each Netway device "stored" inside of the Netway hardware, as well in a  <serialnumber>.opt  file, distributed with installation of the Netway Application and/or available for download.
SET Inc. database keeps track of the Technical Support Eligibility for current and past Netway users.

Release information for the "Netway" Application:

      Please read current  Release information

Registered users can  Login  and enter a valid Login Name and Password to download purchased software libraries and/or option file.

Registration Form  allows users to receive special notification of improved versions of the Netway Application as they become available.


     Note...   If a registered user Forgets their Login Name and/or Password or a login attempt fails:

Installation Information:

Download  on your hard-drive, unzip and run installation program (SetupNetway.exe).

All necessary drivers will be automatically installed as part of installation process of the Netway Application.

For more information, read Netway Manual, installed with Netway Application.

Please Contact us for any further questions regarding purchasing Extended Support, to evaluate our new products or order custom protocols or software/hardware packages.


Registration Information... In order to download Netway Application, user must Register with Smart Engineering Tools, Inc. and obtain a valid Login Name and Password.

Zoom on Serial Number and Purchase Day Location

Note...  The purchase date and serial number information of the Netway Tool are required for registration.

Note...  To upgrading firmware, a <serialnumber>.opt file must be aquired and copied to user PC.