real time network simulation & analysis for vehicle multiplex networks
Netway Telematics Offer

Smart Engineering Tools Inc. offers a solution for vehicle fleet management

  1. Netway device supports all networks that are utilized in any car, truck or bus:
    1. J1939, high-speed CAN two channels,
    2. Single-Wire/Fault-Tolerant CAN – one channel,
    3. J1708 – one channel,
    4. K-Line one channel (LIN, ISO-9141-I/II, KWP2000, ISO-14230, etc.),
    5. J1850 (Ford, GM, Chrysler)
  2. J1939 and J1708 as well defined networks are fully supported by the solution, so the users can simply pick and choose which JPID (JPN) parameters they want to extract and store in the internal memory of the Netway device. Emulations (vehicle profiles) can be created without any special knowledge of the protocols. Our technical staff will provide a full technical support for effortless utilization of the device for such applications
  3. I/O system: 3 digital/analog/PWM inputs/outputs
  4. 2.75" x 1.25" PCB footprint
  5. $10 BOM cost for NETWAY ARM device (10k+ units)
  6. Stand-alone operations. Clients’ system is not burdened with vehicle communications. Simple serial library interface functions include reading vehicle parameters from NETWAY ARM, downloading new emulations into NETWAY ARM and firmware upgrades
  7. Powerful Emulation language allows to create custom vehicle profiles to monitor and control any car, truck or bus
  8. Automatically goes to sleep mode (less than 1 mA current consumption) after determined time of inactivity on vehicle network and host side. Automatic Wake up into a normal operating mode (60 mA current consumption) on any vehicle networks or host activities

Reference Design (Schematics and PCB layout) is available

Click to zoom on Sample PCB Layout

The Netway Arm design is implemented as a small board with two connectors: Host/PC communications and OBDII networks/power connections. Both connectors DB9 and HDB15 are physically of the same size, which allows fitting the solution into a simple enclosure or as a part of OBDII custom connector. We also are willing to re-design the board to accommodate any custom special requirements.

Manufacturing Package

Prepared to manufacture and supply for telematics applications to our customers. We will take full responsibility and warranty our product for proper device operation. However when our Clients desire to integrate the device in their system in different PCB solution or design their own board that include other parts of system, SET Inc. offers Clients manufacturing package to enable manufacturing of NETWAY device as a stand-alone, or as a subsystem of the customer product.

The NETWAY intellectual property belongs solemnly to SET Inc.

The Client will be responsible for utilizing NETWAY device: configuring it with the vehicle specific emulations, writing application code to request parameters from NETWAY device utilizing library of functions, supplied by SET Inc. who is responsible for NETWAY software and hardware design. Specific vehicle emulation files created by the Client (applications) become Clients’ intellectual property.

Manufacturing package includes
  1. Reference design: NETWAY Schematic capture file, PCB layout, Gerber Files, Bill-Of-Materials
  2. End-of-line Tester/Enabler Program
  3. Host communications implementation source code (example)
  4. Documentation

Netway Arm License Agreement is available upon request.

Main functionality

  • Gateway function between different networks.
  • Real-time network analysis.
  • On-board data recorder and playback functions.
  • Custom-controlled bus interface.
  • Stand-alone module for simulation of the "missing node" or "rest of vehicle".
  • End-of-Line testing for manufacturing of multiplex modules.